Lower Orchard and Marsh

I spent two hours this morning in the garden doing various jobs. I cleaned some more garden furniture and now when we have our two visitors they have chairs and tables, two metres away from us.
I also tidied up the wildlife pond area and did various other little jobs. I also used my electric mower to mow a path through some wildflowers so that I can now fill both of the bird feeding stations.
Today’s picture is of our lower orchard and marsh. The marsh is being cut back, which they do twice a year. The land has been for sale for several years, but they want too much money for it. Currently it cannot be used to build on, although I expect one day it might, but I think I will be long gone before then.
Dougal is also in the picture, watching something in the wildflower area by our natural pond, which at this time of the year is dry.
The temperature was twenty degrees Celsius at GMT noon.  

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