By Aquaella

Dramatic Ruin

We had a very busy day today! Started the day with a short walk down to the burn, very pretty and rather relaxing with the sound of the running water in the background. After lunch we got into the car and drove to Caerlaberock Castle! Although we couldn't venture inside as it was shut due to Coronavirus we walked around it and I got a few good snaps.

Afterwards we drove back into Dumfries to check out the shops and take a wee trip to Aldi. On the way back to the car we found an ice cream stall where I got a delicious Strawberry Ice Cream! Just relaxing now and might put a movie on tonight!

A few questions for those who have been blipping for longer than me:

How do you get extra photos on the bottom of your entry.

And when I pick a profile picture it says Error, photo too small. Any idea what that could be?

Happy Blipping!

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