Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Upton Bishop: Somewhere over the rainbow...

Way up high...

The storm clouds followed us home from the school run. The children wanted to stop at the little shop on the way home. Their minds set on some new type of sweets that you have to guess the flavour. Normally, I do a deal to get something in return for sweets. Lately, they have all being helping without asking. Ella locking up the chickens and Sam looking after his incubating eggs like a broody hen.

Its always pretty to go the back way home and on a Friday its more rewarding to see the evening light on the hills. The distraction of 'the guess the sweet' game, I took a detour around Yatton, seeing the sunshine on the edge of the storm cloud. Just on the turn, the rainbow shot out. Camera in hand, I jumped out there car . Ella shouting at me, 'Do you think thats a melon berry sweet?' Whats a melon berry ?

They saw the rainbow. The questions then went onto leprechauns and pots of gold. I also read that the rainbow was a reminder to us of how colourful the world is... "The power of colour works extensively in our everyday lives, for it is part of all life, and each coloured ray sustains a clear passageway to the white light of the centre, from where it first came. No colour can remain in isolation, for it is part of the Greater Whole."

Rainbow and sweets, Ill try another! ..x

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