Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At home: Cat and kid......x

Beau moves the cat again.....

There is nothing wrong with Tiger the cat. Well, apart from thats its been raining for so long that the cat is developing cabin fever! He does head out through the flap briefly for cat business, but other than that he's hunting for fun indoors these days. Beau's fish are Tigers latest target, he has been caught drinking from the tank. The fish believing his dibbing tongue to be cat food dart up and down daringly. Its a wonder he hasn't eaten one yet.

Beau has taken to moving his mate around and keeping him out of trouble. If the cat isn't threatening to rugby tackle your feet as you walk around the house, he's skiing through piles of children's clothes at bedtime. It seems its not just cats that get tired of the rain. He must be missing his hunting ground, the sun on his back, visiting his other feline buddies. No wonder he's climbing the walls.....x

One more reason, to wish that the rain would end.

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