secret garden

By freespiral

Uh oh...

 ... we have wheels!
A full on Esme day but what a nice one. A frosty start but such a beautiful day ensued, shirt sleeves and lunch outside. We hit Paton's Rock beach early with a picnic lunch for Esme. She ran for miles, drew pictures in the sand and even paddled. Home for a quick zzzz then more sandpit action, a quick footie session and then the new treat - a seat on daddy's bike plus her own helmet. The excitement was immense and the only crying we had today was when she was taken off - after about 4 times round the block waving at everyone! Play doh ( putting the lids on the pots was the most interesting thing) and then she helped me pick lettuce. Joe cooked, an amazing artichoke pasta thingie and Esme enjoyed the delights of this plus her own side salad. 

We also saw a late, or possibly early, monarch butterfly, and a small seal on the beach. I was fretful that there was no mummy in evidence and there were dogs on the beach. Earlier we had gone to see the new and very tiny calf in the field opposite, born last night I was fretful about that too for I suspect the cow was a new mum and hadn't quite got the  hang of it and the night was cold. All seemed well today though.

 Wrecked again, I'll catch up tomorrow - promise!

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