secret garden

By freespiral


You might be fed up with all these beaches- yawn,  (just kidding) so here's a bit of vintage net!
A rather pleasant day. A whirlwind until 10am until Esme went off to nursery - in fine form it has to be said! Then we pottered - a bit of shopping in Takaka, a bit of gardening, a visit to a mad cat woman in search of a cat (as though he hasn't enough on his hands but I do understand - the cat a bit too teeny to cope with Esme but we're onto another one), then lateish we headed off the beach - Rangihaeata - the one only accessible at low tied. The tide was way way out and the views sublime. We saw spoonbills, paradise ducks, oyster catchers, herons, kingfishers and a seal ( I think it was the one we saw yesterday) and a hare. The little window with its poignant net, is from an derelict bach, right on the beach. Yup, that would do!
What a magnificent country this is and yes, look at the winter weather!  Rain coming in tomorrow before I get too smug!

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