It's been a busy day. First of all we decided to clean the windows. We sacked our window cleaner a few months ago, the price seemed to be going up every other month and the service didn't seem to be getting towards decent. That done we continued to clean the glass and the stainless steel on the decking. Phew!

We had our next door neighbours over tonight for supper. They're a lovely couple and they've been here for three years but they're moving away. being furloughed has given them time to think and they're planning a new venture down in Cornwall. We're sorry to see them go as they're great neighbours but we wish them all the best and will definitely be keeping in touch. It's a bit worrying though, this will be the third set of neighbours in that house we've seen off!

Tuesday's recycling day so I'd  better get this lot out!

Tomorrow is Wide Wednesday and the (optional) theme is Heavy Metal. A fairly vague theme and I'll be interested to see how you wonderful blippers interpret it. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your entries.

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