Evil (looking) weevil

Rather a bad day all round yesterday with floods everywhere and yet another huge landslide on the Rest and Be Thankful hill pass. Unfortunately this time the material has continued down the hill and blocked the alternative Military Road below, which means a 60 mile detour for motorists. I suppose our troubles are little ones compared with some - the explosion in Beirut, for example.

Damp and gently drizzly this morning, but when I looked outside I found this fella sitting on the handrail outside the door. I popped him in a tub and later on I sat him on a flower of my Ornithogalum dubium where he posed for a picture! I think he's a Large Pine Weevil, unless anyone knows different, as they used to say on 'That's Life'!

Had a quick walk around the local streets this afternoon just to keep the limbs moving!

Quote of the Day:

The Far Side of the World (film) - "One must always choose the lesser of two weevils."

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