A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Busy birds

It’s raining heavily now but the weather this morning, though overcast, was better than forecast so ideal for a walk around Coppice Pond.

Straight away, having also just bumped into friend H, we saw new ducklings. They were Tufted Duck youngsters and they dive under the water so often it was hard to be sure how many there are but I do have a shot with four of them on at once.

A walk around enjoying all the ducks, cygnets and swans. For some reason the Canada Geese seemed intent on fighting with each other and it’s now impossible to tell which are the adults and which are the youngsters.

At the feeding station I spotted a Coot nest, first seen nearly two weeks ago when I walked around with my friend. We think it has relocated it’s nest from the posts further out in the pond where the gulls perch ( I’ve photographed that too earlier in the year) and amazingly they are still building. Don’t know if the first nest or brood failed but it was fascinating watching the mail swimming off to the old nest locations and bringing back twigs, whilst the ‘missus’ arranged them to her liking. It does seem rather near to the feeding station but I hope they are successful this time. Extra

Someone else had an eye on what was going on on the Pond - extra. Grace, John and Eda are on their way to Scotland for their holiday but who could resist a look at Coppice Pond first?
Great to have a tall daddy!

Judging from popularity I’ve swapped the blip and extra!

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