By cindy_ellis

Sickly fox?

I believe this is a fox. We saw it in a field today. It looked pretty bad to me. I took the shot from the Explorer because I did not know what it might do if it were really ill. We had another wonderful day. We went to an estate sale and picked up a few fun items for the yard. We also went to one of my favorite State Parks (Purse) although the threatening weather cut our stay a bit short. We still had enough time to collect about 20 shark teeth and I used the Seek app. (TKS kimb) to identify around 15 mushrooms or fungi. Due to all the rain they had popped up everywhere. We got a pizza to go on the way home and enjoyed it in the company of our sweet Sugar Baby. Sometimes you just have to make happiness happen...usually it is the little things...feeling Blessed once again.

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