By shelbylogan


I love that the last time I wrote something on this website (two years ago?) it was me questioning my career path. I've definitely decided against academia in that time. Don't persist in something that you know, deep down, is damaging to you and your mental health. More often than not, your intuitions are correct. The trick is to not feel lost after "giving up" on something. I've found a passion in the ever-growing craft beer industry. Sure, it means to an extent I have to "start over". But that's okay. I still have time. I have my whole life to work it out. And I know I'll be great at it. In the meantime, there's a lot to learn! What else are the 20s for than just working shit out, right?

(also, I hate that these posts date according to photo and not entry. I'm writing this in August of 2020.)

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