By soozaday

If I Told You Once, I Told You a Thousand Times...

I took myself for a long walk on a short pier this morning. Remember that expression? We kids thought that was so witty, “Aw, go take a long walk on a short pier....”.  What an insult!  But it turns out you can take a long walk by going slowly and doubling back, no insults involved. I saw sea lions aplenty, and lots of guys fishing, some workers busily constructing areas for outdoor seating for several restaurants, seagulls with their raucous music. This fuzzy wuzzy is a toddler seagull, scavenger in training. Looks like the kid is getting a reprimand from pop. It’s so easy to assign human drama to our animal shots. 

Our big adventure today was going crosstown to the pet store and getting cat litter. We drove our camper van to give it a much needed stretch. As soon as I find myself in that front seat, I’m ready to go on a trip—it’s the smell of the van, its unique sounds, things I associate with being on the road. A conversation ensued: what would it be like to go camping now? Would you feel comfortable using a public bathroom? Would you take a shower? Could you even contort your aching body to navigate the small interior of the camper? Should we try a night at the state park up the road? Nothing got answered, but maybe...  maybe we could try. I think I do need to get out more. Right now I’m getting more and more like our scaredy cat who cautiously creeps down the back stairs and then bolts back into the house at the slightest noise. I’m pretty cringey in groups of people. The world just seems overwhelming, over stimulating, and I want to run back home, where I’ve been practicing the piano. It makes me happy.


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