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The Old Forge (Friday 7th August 2020)

I had my first trip to the recycling centre since before lockdown this morning. When they re-opened they had a ban on all trailers so I paid for a green waste bin collection, whereupon they started allowing trailers. I had planned to go onwards for a camera workout but frankly it was too hot so I scurried home to my ceiling fan, popping out this evening to the driveway to snap this rather pleasing mix of colours on the ice-cream coated outbuilding wall
With thanks to BikerBear for Flower Friday.

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7.8.2020 (1234 hr)

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Woodland Garden

Taken with Pentax lens KS-1 (Blue) and Pentax D FA Macro 100mm F2.8 WR lens

Woodland Garden (August 2020) (Flickr album of 17 photos)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
David Bowie - London Bye Ta-Ta (recorded 8 January 1970, Trident Studios, London)
Since his death, David Bowie has become deified, especially by 6 Music. I have heard his music daily ever since, usually the same handful of recordings, especially from Ziggy Stardust, to a point of over-saturation that means I can hardly bear to hear any of them ever again, even though I had previously liked them. It was a pleasure, therefore to hear something by him I had never heard of before. It came from the same session as The Prettiest Star, the only time that he and friend/rival Marc Bolan collaborated in the studio. Originally scheduled as the follow-up single to Space Oddity but superceded bythe far superior The Prettiest Star, this stereo version was previously only available on Bowie's Sound & Vision 4CD box set. Marc Bolan did a super guitar solo on The Prettiest Star (the single version; it was re-recorded in 1973 for Aladdin Sane, with Mick Ronson recreating his solo almost verbatim) but is reigned in more tightly here.

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