By Cumbrialass


Well, the forecast heatwave didnt reach us although it was pleasantly warm and this morning there was a cooling breeze coming from the north across the water.

Fletch s Vet appointment  went ok. We had to wait outside for the vet to come and collect us but I was allowed in with him. His booster was 5 months overdue so hell need a secondary  on in a month but there'll be no charge. Fletch has put on weight.( after having exactly the same weight for 4 years)  A bit of a surprise as weve not done less  walking  . But I have changed his food , which has been better for him but hes eating more. I shall monitor what  he eats over the next 4 weeks
After the visit we took him up to AH for another walk . I dint expect him to want his teatime walk but he started following me round the house at the usual time so he got a third walk today.. ( that should help keep the weight down) 
Blip is a patch of wild poppies that have sprung up. I really must take the dslr out with me! 
Thank you all for the stars and lovely comments. Keep safe  ( and for those affected by the heatwave.. keep cool! ) xxx

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