By dunkyc


"....enduring or continually recurring"

The new plants look lovely and have been quickly been seized upon by bees and insects. With the pansies and lavender that has been added, my "cottage-look" yard is on its way to fruition.

Another busy day at work was rounded off nicely by a takeaway with my mum and dad and the full suite of children. It's our last night together before the parents head back south and the youngest children head off on their first holiday with their mum and her partner.

I think it will be the longest I've been apart from them and whilst they've been very sweet and said that they will miss me, I'm sure that within about 5 minutes of setting off, I will be - quite rightly - forgotten about as they get stuck into their holiday!!

On the plus side, it does mean some precious and long overdue one-on-one time with The Eldest for the weekend which looks like being a corker weather-wise!

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