By AnneILM60

Grocery shopping list

Last night as I was finishing up the Tila Squared pattern, using the peacock tile beads (see extra) my hubby took it upon himself to make out the grocery shopping list!

This morning while the hubby was out working in the backyard getting grass cut and cleaning debris, I was at the grocery store by 8 am. I’m going down the list that Kent has printed off and there right near the top is “cut flowers”!

I got myself 3 little bunches and am happy how they work together. Also happy that I have a hubby that likes having them in the house too.

It’s noon and we’ve both put in several hours of work already so I’m going to work on a Christmas project this afternoon and I think Kent will rest as he does about 3 loads of laundry. (Yes, he does the laundry. Always has. It’s his thing so I gladly let him have it!)

Stay home if you can but stay safe and stay healthy for sure xx

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