Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham


A quiet not quite as sunny as expected though it’s been warm enough. Tomatoes fed and watered and most of the rest of the veg in the greenhouse harvested. I seem to have plenty fruit on the tomatoes but the plants don’t seem to be growing very tall...they’re probably still only about two feet and I expected them to get to about six! There’s still a way to go before I can eat the fruits of my labours though!!

In extras...we’ve had a nightly visit from this young fox all week, just after dark. It comes fairly close to the house and doesn’t seem too phased by our presence though Freya isn’t too keen on its presence!

The bird feeder has been in demand this afternoon with a nuthatch arriving for the first time (we think that’s what it is!)...apparently there was a woodpecker whilst I was away but unfortunately it hasn’t put in an appearance since my return.

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