Carol's ramblings

By Lucari

Sunday chill

Too hot again when I woke, so no walk this morning.

Popped over to our daughter and son-in-law for morning coffee and fun in the garden. Caleb initially playing with his dinosaurs whilst I rocked Austin to sleep. our son-in-law, like my husband, have a keen interest in bicycling - son-in-law has purchased a seat and handle bars (as well as helmet and gloves) for Caleb to fir on his bike. Caleb loves it. This is our son-in-law showing us Caleb riding with his daddy (daddy does wear a helmet when they go out). Caleb so chuffed. Austin slept for all our visit :)

watched a film this afternoon (whilst hubby had a cat-nap) - Little Women (2019). Good film, but flip flop back and forwards (seems to be the trend at the moment). :)


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