Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

A walk on the wild side!

Sunday 9th August 2020                 (backblip)

Overcast for most of the day .... with quite a stiff wind blowing! Being the intrepid people that we are that Sunday is usually the only chance we get to go for a walk .... we decided to go regardless & hope something stayed still for a photo!

It wasn't too bad ...... still reasonably warm & the sun did finally break through on the way back which warmed it up considerably :-)

Thankfully I did manage to get several photos as these subjects picked sheltered areas!

Top left: Adult Goldfinch
Top right: Fledgling Goldfinch begging for food
Bottom left: Small White
Bottom right: Gatekeeper

We also saw a young Squirrel ..... the young Whitethroats flitting around in the bushes & a young Great-spotted Woodpecker which landed on a post ..... unfortunately too far away to get a decent photo! All in all a good walk :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

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