By pensionspoet


I started the day by cycling round the block, then stopped for half an hour to chat to a neighbour. An old boy who sits outside his house in the sun, and waves. I now know his name is Rodney. He is a Norfolk born and bred and knows everything that is going on.

Once in the office at 7.45, I ended up with a false start as my computer was doing updates. I panicked a bit, worrying about how much time I was losing, but in the end they were completed by 9 and I was able to get started.

As expected there was lots of everything. Lots of emails, lots of phone calls, lots of instructions from people about things outstanding/to look out for/ be aware of.

I made it to 5.30 in one piece and will be back in tomorrow a bit earlier.

Cooked courgettes and eggs for dinner for Jon and I. The warm lemony courgette salad recipe sent by a friend - it wasn't really salad, but was tasty and I added a few other ingredients. Still need to reduce my calorie intake but what a faff writing it down. That what I'm not very good at. I have an app, so will start with that!

Now that it has cooled down, I am able to enjoy some relaxing time in the summerhouse. As an office today it has been like a sauna. I was very grateful of my fan.

The hibiscus is just outside the window, and would be my view if it was cool enough to have the blind open. We originally had it in Linton 95 to 02 then moved it to Wandlebury 02 to 15 then dug it up at the wrong time of year, as quite a big tree to bring it with us. It seems to love it here, and flowers every year, profusely. I love it!

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