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Day 2 with the kayaks

I've been away from Blipfoto a few days. Partly that is because we've had visitors and there's a lot of activity here and a certain lack of energy for anything else.  Now it's time to catch up with a few backblips but I seem to have reached a milestone so I'll content myself with one picture today.

My sister and niece are home in London again but this is a picture from our second day with the kayaks.  Having paddled on the lake we graduated to the sea and some small (and eventually not so small) waves.
This beach is the seaward side of a sandy tombolo linking the small island of Lustholmen to the mainland. On the other side of the sandspit is a sheltered lagoon. Even this seaward side is fairly well protected by the islands of Hemsön (on the left in the picture) and Lugnön (on the right).

Caroline was again impressed by the freedom given to some children around water in this part of the world. A young (12?) lad arrived paddling across the lagoon in a very small dinghy with his 2 year-old sister hanging out the front. She did have a lifejacket on. There was an inflated green dragon being towed behind the dinghy. When they got to the beach the lifejacket was thrown off, the dragon became a play boat and they both splashed around in the shallow water. About 15 minutes later mum arrived on her bike.
In reality it's a question of the environment you are used to. I pointed out that the same parents who left their kids to play alone in the water here would probably be horrified at the idea of them being out alone in central London, whereas Caroline's children were taking themselves out around Waterloo from when they started secondary school.
The day was as warm as it looks and we left Grace sunning herself on the beach while Caroline and I paddled onwards along the coast, until we came out of the sheltered waters and the waves were bigger, then we turned around and returned to Lustholmen, and then the mainland.
When we got home Jan had dinner waiting for us, which was a perfect end to a very enjoyable day!

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