Keith B

By keibr

Handsome Jackdaw

I was in town today picking up a transformer so the magic box on our wall can start flashing all colours once more and provide us with internet. (I'm not always as techie as I think I am.)
As I walked away from the office there was a section of grass that had been dug up, levelled, and then reseeded. This jackdaw(?) and several others were patrolling up and down the earth section, eating seeds as they went. They totally ignored me walking by 2 meters away, even when I gave a shout. So I stopped and got the camera out, usually a signal for all birds to fly off, but not these phlegmatic types. I pointed the lens, zoomed to get close and took a picture or two. Finally they reacted and strolled away from me in a rather bored manner.
Once I got home we put three kayaks on the roof of the car (extra) and took a paddle in our local lake.  The visitors were really good at balancing, even pausing their paddling to take photographs on their phones. We'll do more paddling tomorrow.

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