By Knottman2

Missed it.

I like a good thunderstorm. Nothing here of course to compare with the spectacular ones we used to get when we lived in Ottawa.
So I am a bit miffed. I put my book down and turned off the light at about 10.45p.m. I can remember one flash and a rumble a few minutes later. But after that I slept the sleep of the innocent, well fairly innocent, all night and never heard a thing.
Mrs. K. and friends tell me it was pretty lively and went on for over five hours. But I was dreaming of photographing butterflies in far away places.

Yesterday a friend told us he had found a flower he did not know on top of the Knott. So after breakfast up we go again through the woods to stay in the shade as the storm did little to cool things down. It turned out to be a Centaury.

Then Mrs. K. spotted more Scotch Argus and spent half an hour trying for a photograph but without success there she is in the blip.. Very flittery. Did get a shot of a Grayling. OK for id but not good enough to use.

Stay in the relative cool of the house now. More thunder forecast for later today. I hope.

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