By Knottman2

Not mine.

Mrs.K. Was recovered enough to come for a little car ride this afternoon and a gentle stroll round the Morecambe Model Railway Exhibition.

There were several layouts but the one which attracted most interest was the one shown in my blip and extras.
I have never seen a model layout with so much amazing working detail. The whole thing represents a transport museum.
In addition to several trains going round, the trams and buses move round the roads, an aeroplane circles overhead, a hot air balloon goes up and down and even the heads of cows and chickens go up and down to eat the grass and corn.

It has clearly taken over the owners life and he has to have a special van with shelves in to take the sections to exhibitions all over the country.

My blip just gives an impression of the huge amount of imaginative detail which fascinates everyone who sees it.
Those who look carefully in the extras might even spot Mrs. K.

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