By JohnW

I do like a nice pair . . .

. . . of pears
Whether firm and something to get your teeth into, or soft and juicy, you can’t beat a nice pear.
So as not to be too prejudice I thought I would include our apple crop for this year - all of it . . .
Not a great day.  Apart from the Tuesday delivery this afternoon nothing much other than a near disaster updating the firmware on the EOS R.   The camera itself was no problem, however there was an update for the lens as well. 
The camera update went ok, but the lens update just failed no matter what I tried, which of course left the camera frozen at ‘Update failed - try again’.  Canon ‘CPS’ were not a lot of immediate help, but I did suggest that it was looking for a later version of the firmware than that which was on the camera in order to update.   Give them their due, they did investigate and phoned back and confirmed my theory, but by then I had Googled it and found an earlier version of the firmware, loaded that first and solved the problem.  They were however quite surprised that I had found an earlier version, especially as it was on the Canon website and NOT listed in the normal pages.
Many thanks to Osuzanna for hosting TinyTuesday this month.

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