By davidc

Tiny Tuesday: Anthurium

This may look like a rather weird corn-on-the-cob, but it’s not. For a start the yellow thingy (actually called a spadix) is only about 1cm long.

Back in 2018 I bought this plant for my Editor; it’s called an anthurium. I researched it at the time as I was completely ignorant about it (I blipped it on 6th April 2018). Although the red part (the spathe) looks like a flower petal, it’s actually a modified leaf: the tiny bobbles on the spadix are the individual tiny flowers. When I bought it, it had 4 or 5 of these spathe/spadix things.

These "heads" have lasted amazingly well, but they’ve faded over the two years, to the extent that we were considering dispatching the whole thing to the big plant resting place in the sky. However in the last week or so it’s decided to produce a completely new head, which is quite small at the moment but perfectly formed. Hence it’s place in today’s blip.

Thanks to osuzanna for hosting TT this month.

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