Bits and Bobs!

By Kate64

Paused Shielding - Day 11

Plans for today went out of the window when I received a phone call from the elderly neighbour I shop for. She had had to have her cat put to sleep yesterday and was distraught so I went round and spent the afternoon with her. Naturally she was very upset at losing her cat, but she was deeply upset by the manner in which he had died. I won’t go into the gory details but the vet very obviously made a big mistake and instead of peacefully slipping away, the end was totally horrendous and traumatic for both C and her cat. C has no family whatsoever and her cat, Mickey, has been her constant, and only, companion throughout Lockdown. I know she’s going to find things very hard without him. She had a vase of these Alstroemeria, the same colouring as her cat, a ginger tabby. So today a flower for Mickey...

A very humid 31 degrees in the shade today. Too hot for me, has totally knocked the stuffing out of me. Gone 7pm, and still a muggy 28 degrees. Take care, stay safe, well, and cool...

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