By Stella2

First tastes

It has been a very hot day and our grandson was awake early although he didn't disturb us.  I watered the allotment while he was having his second sleep and then came back for breakfast.  It was a big day for our grandson as he had his first taste of food, other than milk today.  At lunchtime he was cooked some broccoli and given a piece of the soft cooked vegetable followed by a  pureed version.  He was quite intrigued and the piece of soft broccoli quickly went into his mouth. He played around with this for a bit before being fed some of the puree.  A little later he had the rest of his usual milk.   After all this excitement we got the paddling pool out and watched as he enjoyed splashing around outside.

It was still very hot and after his next sleep we went down to the beach around 4.30pm.  I was very surprised at the weather conditions, there was no breeze and the sea was calm, see extras.  People were swimming or rather cooling off in the sea or paddle boarding.  We were too hot after just half an hour of strolling around near the estuary and came back home where it was a little cooler.  Its still very hot now, looks like its going to be a hot night.

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