By Stella2


It was a day forecast as hot with the chance of thundery rainstorms but I headed to the allotment first thing to water incase we didn't have any rain.  I'm glad I did as we had no rain.  I took todays blip first thing this morning of the honeybee, I think, on the Perovskia (Russian Sage).  Our  grandson has recovered from the journey and happily took to todays routines and enjoys watching the bees moving amongst these flowers.  He is more lively in the mornings and we loved listening to him trying out various vocal sounds almost singing, talking back to us and showing us his developing crawling skills (he can now lift his legs and bum easily and raise his chest up but hasn't managed to co ordinate moving his arms yet.  You can see what an effort it is.  He is now much more stable sitting upright although you need to watch for him falling.  

We went for a walk along the river late morning and he enjoyed the scenery especially the light wind that was causing the vegetation to move so much.  We were pleased to see that the swans and their 4 cygnets are looking good, see extra.

This afternoon the weather became even more hot and humid, but no rain.  Our grandson fell asleep for his night sleep very easily.

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