An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

When the brolly matches the floor...

Up with the larks this morning, although pottered in my pjs most of the morning.  

David headed off to Edinburgh at lunchtime to play his fourth round of golf of out of six in seven days.  Glutton for punishment.   The good news is he won!!  Woo hoo!  Don't say that very often :-))

I started work on a birthday card for a friend's mum who will be 100 next month.  I was so touched when E asked me to make the family birthday card for her mum back in May.  I was full of ideas.  Tried to get some of those ideas down on paper today and not one of them looked as good in real life as they did in my head.  

Hmmmm....need to give this some more thought but I am running out of time as want to get the card to her next week.  I refuse to panic.  Creativity shall burst forth tomorrow.  I hope.  

Despite having dinner planned, we had a craving for an Indian takeaway.  Not had one since before lockdown.  We gave in to our craving and enjoyed it immensely :-)

David took Lola on her evening stroll round the block and was only gone 10 minutes when Ashleigh came through to tell me Alan was throwing up!  Texted David asking him to hurry back, which he did, and an hour and a bit later and we've finally got him clean and settled.  He's laughing again!

Hoping it's just a bug ( Ashleigh came back today after a few days off as her little girl had a sickness bug.  Don't think it's connected though as her little girl has been fine since Saturday and Ashleigh is all PPE'd up, but there is a bug going around.

And to end the night on a high note,  we've just had thunder reverberate around the house and the tv picture went funny.   

Between electrical activity and a sick son, my hope of a blip catch up has just gone oot the windae, as we say in these here parts!  

Fingers crossed for tomorrow...

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