By pensionspoet

Card making

I’m making a card, in the cool of the evening, and just trying to get over the heat of the day which it was impossible to escape today. It has made me feel not right, and I wasn’t even out in the direct sun. The summerhouse is completely stifling and if this heat continues I will have to move my computer to somewhere else temporarily. It has been hard to concentrate in it today. I did at least finish at 5. After cooking a mish mash of bits for dinner I sat down to finish this card. The design is copied from one on Pinterest and similar to some that Mollie has been making. When I have more time and energy I will have a go at making up my own design rather than stealing someone else’s. But I am no artist, so was quite pleased with how this came out drawn freehand with a pen.

It has to be a relaxing evening as my head is thumping. I had wanted to go to the allotment but that must wait until the morning. As tomorrow is my day off, I’d just like it to cool down a bit so that I can do some much needed jobs. Watering at the allotment being one of them.

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