By pandieb


What a day!

First off I spent the night on the sofa as the home alone 19yo had his friends round in the back garden AGAIN until gone 3am. We sleep in the back. The sofa is in the front.

I've no idea what happened at work. It went really quickly, much of it spent with my resourcing team, and before I'd worked out what was what it was 430pm.

Then, in a downpour beyond any biblical or Hollywood story, the patio drain blocked and within five minutes there was around six inches of water heading rapidly towards the fridge and tumble dryer at the back of the garage. Luckily I've seen that before, albeit slower, so knew how to fix it.

I also had to clear the standing water out, Himself declaring himself too busy to help.

We did go out for dinner and bumped into a whole load of school mums from when the kids were much smaller. Luckily we'd gone early and we're leaving as they arrived or it might have been messy.

The flowers are on the wall in the ladies!

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