By Cumbrialass

Warm winds blowing, heat and blue skies!

And a road that goes on forever.... well not quite like Van Morrison imagined , but as the heat of the day died down it was nice to have a stroll  with Fletch up by the dock. Still warm  but quite a strong breeze which was welcome.

Another walk round AH grounds simply because its pleasant under the trees, theres plenty of space and Fletch can safely be let off the lead. We strolled rather than walked.. too hot to rush. 

Back home to inspect the lawn.. no sign of the grass seeds sprouting. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

I quite enjoyed myself pottering in the garden in the shade, trimming the edges etc and digging out the clumps of grass growing in the paths.. why does it easily grow where you dont need it?

Then a wander round the garden with my camera with the aim of finding something to fit the criteria for the 30 days project .   

Generally a relaxing day. 

Thank you for the kind comments and stars. 

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