By Cumbrialass

Strange light

Oh it was a hot one today! But we all slept ok. Cool inside the house but yes, very hot outside. Took Fletch to AH. It was overcast with no sun but very hot and humid, but pleasant enough under the trees  and walking on the grass. It was more of a leisurely stroll than a walk but we were out quite a while. The carpark was quite full today. This may be  because of  the 50 % off bill's .  Car thermometer said 27 degrees! 

Back home and Fletch was hungry which was a good sign as hed been sick this morning. Standing  him in cool water when we get back from a walk seems to help him.

I then had to brave ' big ' Tesco as I'd not really shopped for over a week. As usual it was quiet and cool with aircon which was pleasant especially as wearing a mask does make you feel hotter. The fish counter was open which was a surprise. Apart from having to wear a mask food shopping is almost back to normal.

Teatime stroll by the dock ( actually more like a  reservoir,  built in the late 19th century and billed as the largest dock in Europe , it was never used. Now all that are allowed to go on the water are  birds, so its very peaceful.) 

The thunderstorms  forecast for this evening didn't arrive, but about 8:30 the sky was a wonderful golden colour. Blip is from the kitchen door. 

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