By Cumbrialass

Secret Garden?

Wow what a spectacular thunderstorm last night. I've never known one that had so much lightning for so long. . I did open the window to see if I could take a photo, but got a faceful of torrential rain! 

The bright flashes went on like a giant firework display for a few hours and it took a while to get to sleep. Fletch, on the other hand slept through it all!

It was very humid when we woke . I was still half asleep when my friend Jenny called round   apologising for being early but she was just passing. I'd not seen her for a couple of months so it was nice to catch up over a coffee before she zoomed off on her bicycle. 

The last thing I felt like doing today was going off in the car . Id got some stomach bug that had left me feeling a bit fragile but M had an appointment  in Grange at 2:30 and needed me to drive him.
 Grange was busy and very hot and sticky, but M said hed only be 20 minutes so I wandered into the community orchard with Fletch and found a little path that led into a small wood which was cooler . The path led round to a rockery garden laid out in the 1930s in the grounds of a big house now demolished. 
I took a few  quick snaps on my phone .

The 20 minutes was up .  I met M and we were back in the car with the air con on and Fletch was sat on his cool mat with a bowl of water.  Car was registering 27 degrees outside!

Grange is a nice place to wander round but today it was too hot!  

The car behaved itself! 

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