By Cumbrialass

Muggy Monday

Quite warm today. Sticky muggy day. 

Drove down to Rampside to walk Fletch " down the old line " . As we reached our usual spot a large white van moved in, so I had  to drive around and as I was pulling out of the side road , the car stopped.  Im not sure if it was a stall but though the power was on I could nt re start the engine. A few minutes of panic, reminding me of when the previous car  completely stopped when I was on my own in the middle of nowhere!  ( that was an adventure I wouldn't want to repeat! ) 
After a few minutes the car restarted ..phew.. but it did take the edge of what otherwise would have been a pleasant walk.  
I'm hoping it was just a glitch.. Lucky the  service is booked in 2 weeks. 

Blip is part of my little fuchsia . 30 days of composition.  Odd number. 

A sticky night and thunderstorms  forecast tonight and tomorrow.  Hope its not as bad as forecast  We have to drive to Grange. Fingers crossed the car is ok too!

Stay cool and comfortable  everyone! 

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