By Orc2009

Shadows fall on The Hope

The village of St. Margaret's Hope is usually known just as The Hope. I walked from here this morning out to Hoxa Head. Really mild today and mainly sunny. Not that much of note in the way of birds- a couple of kestrels, long-tailed ducks, red-breasted mergansers, lots of fulmars and a great northern diver. I took quite a few images of the GND so as to ensure that it wasn't a white-billed diver (or "yellow-billed diver" or "white-billed loon" or "yellow-billed loon"- take your pick) which has been in the area but it turned out to be just the common or garden great northern. I did get a WBD (YBD, WBL, YBL) a couple of winters ago off Hunda, which is only a couple of miles from here. More here.

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