By Veronica

And today's butterfly is ...

.. a tigermoth, I think. Quite spectacular. There were another two new varieties today to add to yesterday's eight. G, A and I walked down to Tavascan to do a little shopping, had a coffee, and then walked back again. The weather forecast claimed there was a high chance of rain all day. I lugged fleece and anorak there and back under a bright blue sky. Luckily almost all of the walk was in the shade and quite cool.

S got back at about four, and after siestas for some and showers for all, we went out for the habitual G&T before dinner: patatas bravas and shakshuka prepared by me to use up most of the veg in the fridge. It's a bank holiday weekend and the campsite is heaving, so much for getting away from it all!

In a little while there will be an album of butterflies and moths, but not yet. Wifi a bit rubbish. But there is an unidentified small orange butterfly in extras.

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