By Veronica

Smoke signals

We'd already had the "Uh-oh" moment with the unmistakable sound of Canadairs passing over. The fire is on the other side of Alaric; at this point it had been going for about four hours, and there were already hundreds of firefighters on the job.

We were on the way to Lézignan for the open-air cinema: Marjane Satrapy's autobiographical animated feature Persepolis. I don't usually watch animated films, but this was art (based on Satrapy's graphic novel) and really worth seeing.

Coming home at 11:30, we saw no glow in the sky so thought the fire must be under control. But writing this on Thursday morning, the Canadairs started rotations as soon as it was light, and the local paper reports 900 hectares destroyed (for the non-metric among you, that's a lot -- biggest fire of the summer I think).

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