Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Arrived today, pixl-latr - a Kickstarter project by Hamish Gill, to make a device to hold and help digitise various types and sizes of film, with a digital camera, rather than a scanner. It took a very long time to reach fruition... to the extent that I bought something else whilst waiting - the Lomography Digitaliza, which for my needs, is probably better. Oh well.

Mostly frustrating day, trying unsuccessfully to dismantle a fancy Tefal steam iron, and test a suspected faulty switch. Had to give up to preserve my sanity. Though there may be a different angle of attack yet to be attempted, but not much time left for so many other things needing done, before annual leave finishes, and full-time work resumes.

Highlight for the day was a male Blackbird that regularly turns up seeking a few sultanas. After eating a few, he sat still for at while, as he's done before, but then started very quietly singing. I didn't realise what the faint noise was at first, until it became very slightly louder. His beak didn't open at all, so he's a good ventriloquist, or was doing the bird equivalent of humming. He continued for about ten minutes, whilst I was clipping away at a bush with secateurs, just a couple of metres from him. His appetite returned. He had a few more sultanas, and then sped off. A special treat, as unlike the likes of Robins, they normally just sing during the breeding season.

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