By Viewpoint

Danby Churchyard

The moors were solid with fog when we arrived yesterday and today started off wet and very grey but by this afternoon when we walked down to St Hilda’s Churchyard we had a little more light.   I wanted to try out creating in-camera multiple exposures and Ann has some research she is pursuing relating to Canon Atkinson, so we were both kept amused for an hour.  I haven’t used the Canon in-camera function for a while, so there was lots of leaning today.  On the whole, my first idea, i.e. keep it fairly simple, turned out to be the best and the images I created of the church gates have been the most successful.

A few additional food items bought in Castleton Co-op and then we had lunch in the tea-room across the road, which has a lot of space and was suitably socially distanced.

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