By LincolnWarrior

Rebels Picnic

A steady day again today resting my knee that is playing up a bit and causing me to walk with a limp so didn't want to go to far for my blip. I decided to take a quick walk in the local park. I spotted a small group of people hanging around the bandstand. I wasn't sure what it was all about at the time. It turns out the local branch of Extinction rebellion was holding a picnic in the park to try and attract more members and also plan new movements . There wasn't many takers there was only about 15 - 20 people hanging around listening to music from these group . 
I didn't hang around to long as I had to get back as we had to taker Minstrel to the vets to check out his ear which looked sore. It turns out he has got an ear infection in both ears so a week of applying drops to both ears.
Back home to watch 2 super league games the 2nd one was a fine win for Wigan over Leeds  28 - 10 

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