Junction Tower

We had an unexpected trip to Christchurch this afternoon - we decided to collect our glass and balustrades instead of waiting to get them transported/couriered down. We thought it would be a nice outing.  Think again !!!!
Once in Christchurch we picked up our stuff ready to head home...... the truck wouldn't start. We had the jumper leads and got it started with the help of a another vehicle.  Got on our way, and it conked out in a busy city round-about and at peak hour traffic.  A very large, strong and friendly driver stopped and helped Doug push us around the corner away from danger.  Again we got it started only to travel to the outskirts of ChCh before it did it again.  This time a helpful lady came along, but we couldn't get it started.  Then a guy stopped and was so helpful, but we were really in trouble.  He lived close by, went home and got a spare battery but only partly charged, they fitted it and we were on our away with finger crossed.  We managed to drive for an hour when everything stopped again.  By this time it was getting dark.  Another chap got us started again, just enough to get to a garage where we bought a fully charged battery which got us home, an hours drive.  What a nightmare and very stressful. Generator or alternator problems to be sorted tomorrow.
So all in all, an expensive outing.  Good to be home, at one stage we wondered if we would be booking into an Ashburton motel for the night. 

Blip taken when we were in the carpark of Tower Junction waiting for someone to get our vehicle started.  The light and designs took my eye. 

Another nine covid cases today all connected to the cluster where there still isn't any indication where is stems from originally. 
Our general elections have been pushed out four weeks, now 17th October. 


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