By chantler63

Keyline - Minster Lovell Hall

All good things come to an end and today we all had to pack up and leave the campsite where we have been as a family for the last few days.  We have had a great time doing various things during the days but together every evening outside.  Luckily the weather held and we had no rain overnight which meant the tents could be packed away easily.  It took a while to get everyone sorted - it was easy for us with the motorhome.

On the return journey J and I visited Minster Lovell Hall near Burford.  Well worth the journey and we managed to dodge the rain which fell heavily just as we'd finished our visit and were back in our 'van' with a cup of tea.  Home now, with everything unpacked and even most of the washing done.

Remembering the mono-monday theme of key or quay rather late, I have added a keyline round the selected image - wider than I would normally use or it wouldn't be noticed.  Should have used black - might change it.

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