Anyone got the key?

Met Mr B at the club. Drove to Southbourne and parked. Persuaded Mr B to try a flat white at Velo Domestique (cycle shop with coffee) They have acquired a fancy coffee machine. Previously they had the coffee (our wonderful locally Roasted ‘Bad Hand‘), but nothing to make espresso etc. I had a coffee there recently and knew it would be excellent. Cool place too.

Was hot outside and too many passers-by. So we took the coffee and sat on a wall across the road.

Then to the Overcliff. Mr B asked where next. He was non-plussed when I said to Bistro on the Beach and the back. Poor him, after already walking 3+ kms to the club and playing singles!

Lovely walking weather. Sunny, 20C and a good breeze. Sat and chatted with friends outside their beach hut. Passed the house blipped, not bad at all. Then back to car and home. 11,386 steps, that’s good (and needed after stuffing myself with my home-made rye bread).

Thanks to Kathy. aka Chantler63 for todays Mono Monday, theme ‘Key or Quay’

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