Upon Reflection

This morning I received the 175th Anniversary edition of Scientific American which I have just studied.

It is always a very interesting and informative read. This issue looks back over the last 175 years and also looks forward to the future. Are we on the brink of the next mass extinction?

How about Global Warming? COVID-19?

There is an article about M C Escher. He is the face on the reflective surface which is part of today’s Blipfoto.

The image is a part of the exhibition book which was part of the Edinburgh Display of his work.

Below that is part of the article in Scientific American which illustrates a part of his more familiar works.

Was he an Artist? Was he a Mathematician? Perhaps he was a combination of both.

His work is well worth seeing in reality if you have an opportunity.

Meanwhile the Blipfoto.

Another gloomy foggy East Coaster Day.

Enjoy "The Dog Days of Summer".

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