Blooming Buddleia

Furlough Day 128, 19.08.20

Such a wet day today, all day so far!  

I've had another lazy sort of day - seem to be lacking motivation to do anything at the moment and yet I have loads of things to do and a list of them too...

More than anything just now I'm missing meeting friends as they are all much further away and thanks to COVID its not made easy.  Also missing the Canal and the birds - I could walk there for free, here I pay for the privilege.

I did pop up the road for a short walk to drop the glass recycling at the Tesco express as its the one thing the council don't collect.

Otherwise, I've been reading kindle and magazines mostly with little  breaks here and there for cuddling Charlie who seems to be desperate to come on my lap these days (and is cross I've got my laptop on my lap just now so I'd better finish writing this double quick)

I've now got my watercolours out for a possible attempt at some painting (after a gap of at least 10 years!!).  Watch this space...

My new Slimming World zoom meeting tonight.  After this week we are back to meetings - but all with masks on.  It will be quite different...

Fish pie tonight, its just that kind of comfort food day!

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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