It's a good year for fruit.

Plum. apple, pear, the trees are dripping with fruits. Plenty of wasps around the plum tree where I've been picking fruit. I love making preserves, the process, the smell, the bubbling concoction, filling the jars. Which reminds me, I must label it all before I forget. The piccalilli is easy to identify so that's one less.
Mum's shopping, plus a few bits for me at the Coop this morning plus a swift visit to Trago Mills to grab some plants for a friends birthday on Friday. A mizzly, wet, miserable day. Back home, lunch then I tackled the ironing pile. The skies had cleared, the drizzle gone as well by the time I'd finished, so I walked up to the plot to get a lettuce & tomatoes for dinner. These apple trees, eating varieties plus crabapple are on the allotment site. I love the flavour of crabapple jelly. It takes me back to family holidays in Cornwall when I was young. I guess it might have been a B&B, I must ask Mum. Anyway there was crabapple jelly on the table at breakfast time. Halcyon days! I made whole pickled crabapples to eat with cold meat, & game when I lived & worked in Sweden. Might have to make some more.
Back home I had to phone the Post Office customer services dept to assist in setting up Mum's broadband & landline account. The account can't be set up without Mum's verbal consent so Jason is going to call me at Mum's tomorrow. When searching for the relevant information I came across the recommend a friend page. ... £20 off my bill as an existing customer, & £20 off Mum's new account. Result!!

Sticky, Asian spiced chicken wings, oven fries , corn on the cob, & side salad for dinner tonight.

Thanks to RockArea for setting today's Wide Wednesday challenge - Signs of Autumn/Spring

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