Need another pair

I bought these socks because they have lovely books on them. They are intentionally different and I thought maybe I could live with that fact even though I am a bit OCD about things matching! But no, can’t cope with them at all even though they are lovely long and soft, so perfect on a very miserable day.  It seemed to rain all day long and felt very chilly.

I did consider buying another pair so I could make matching pairs and may still have to do that so they get some wear.  These have just sat in the sock drawer since March, with me plucking out matching black pairs each time instead.  Or maybe I’ll just consign them to my gardening clothing stash which is already a very odd assortment of stuff I would never head out in!

I only bimbled around the house in them as the weather was truly appalling, tipping down practically all day.  So, I’ll be playing catch up to get some miles in for the rest of the week.

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