I worked a half day as I had the joy of a smear test to attend at the Drs.  Never the most dignified thing but so important to do.

As I was off work in the afternoon, I could pop and pick up Leo’s girlfriend so that they could spend the afternoon together.   We had some almighty showers so they opted for a Netflix binge.  We also had yet another go at producing a mug cake but that attempt was as disastrous as the last. We seem just not to have the knack!  I think maybe we need to let it cool down - Leo normally scoffs it the minute it pings out of the microwave.

Leo’s girlfriend is fancying a crocheted blanket so we spent a bit of time looking at yarn pegs to choose colours and a few mosaic patterns.  She also likes the beast of a blanket I am working on at the mo so she is going to decide if she would like that one or one of the other patterns we looked at.  It will be good to have an incentive to get cracking.

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